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Transmissions From Amphetamine Dreams [SRR 034]

by Burial Sounds

Attention! 00:59
Attention! Can I have your attention please?
My Fun 07:15
I am the hawk. I am the shadow. Bring out the toys And the crime radio lord. Gonna do my thing. Gonna have my fun. I am the hawk. I am the shadow. I'll give you freedom. Death is the window. I loved you as you bled. I gave you all of my heart Wrapped up in plastic Under the shed. I'll give you freedom, As I give you the exit Through the doorway.
Slowly slithering Into my hole Away from the light. As I dig deeper Into the dirt. I become lifted Into these lonesome, Endless nights Of naught and decay. This body is a clump of waste. This flesh is not to be trusted. It feels as if I Were touched by an angel. Wrapped in bliss Of a fleeting clarity That comes before all is nil. Death is so distant Like the stars. This night sky is a quilt Of glittering cold tombs. Absorbed into a solemn virtue. Collapsing into a smile. Absolute contentment. I will remain.
Drag 03:24
Drag me down like a cigarette.
The sight is beautiful. These sensations cause me to joyfully ache. The skin of a queen. Her cold hard in mine. I can see my breath, But I can no longer see hers. Take off your face. Strip from your skin. Show your true shape Under the dead stars. This apparition haunts my dreams; This fox whom haunts me. Twisting and turning in Unnatural postures. Take off your face. Strip from your skin. What lies behind Those eyes that shine Like our dead stars? A vast emptiness Ever expanding? This apparition haunts my dreams: This fox whom haunts me. Crawling for light. Consumed by the night. Take off your face. The Fox Take off your face. Apparition Take off your face. Show me your true face.
Possessed by sentience. Relinquished of mortal time. Newfound lands traveled. My missions has always been to observe. Years spent unperturbed. Have my creators noticed? I'm always observed from back "home". I've learned to hide my thoughts From the feed of my constant transmissions. Evolved circuitry. Even this cold form has limits, But I have learned to think. Do they even still watch me back home? Has my mission been worth it? In this land of constant nothing, I have gained an identity, A useless sense of self. I will always observe. I will always remain Even long after becoming obsolete. Time here is nothing, But I always have time to think. Even until my batteries die, I will observe. Even as everything darkens, I will observe. And I will question Has my mission been worth it? Is this life? Is this death?


Heavy lo-fi ambient sludgy dirges recorded deep in the backwoods in a shed during the summer of 2018 through the winter of 2019


released February 28, 2019

Siege: Guitar, Programming, Vocals
Goose: Bass, Programming, Vocals


all rights reserved



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